logo DepartmentThe Department of Economics and Management (DEM) was created in 2013 from the previous Department of Economics, Institutions and Territory founded in 1997.
The Department is characterized by a highly multidisciplinary nature and its main teaching and research fields include economics, business and law.
Our teaching team includes over 40 professors and researchers, 9 technicians and about 30 research fellows, graduate students and collaborators.

Our postgraduate degree program provides an ideal balance between academic theory, business practice and current affairs.


Starting from the 2015-2016 academic year, the Department of Economics and Management renews its educational offer by launching four new highly specialized master's degree programmes, so as to provide strong professional skills with a special attention to international issues. Two of these courses (Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets and Green Economy and Sustainability) will be entirely taught in English. They are addressed to students from Italy and other countries who are interested in experiencing an advanced learning environment in order to gain a deep understanding of the economic scenario and competitive global economy.