Erasmus and other Incoming Students: deadlines and information

Dear Erasmus/International Students,

the Academic Staff of the Department of Economics and Management, composed by Prof. Marco Di Tommaso (Erasmus coordinator for Economics and Management), Dr. Elena Delfanti and Dr. Elisa Pampolini (Teaching Manager Office) is glad to welcome you to Ferrara and wish you a good stay and study at this Department.



In order to attend successfully our Departmental courses, it would be useful a good knowledge of English or Italian languages (level B1).

  • List of courses in English for the academic year 2017/2018
  • At the next two links you will find the complete list and programmes of the courses given in Italian:


  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Management
  • Master's Degree in Economics, Markets and Management

    You are kindly requested to arrive in Ferrara before the beginning of lectures:

  • 1st semester (Winter Semester): Lectures will begin on 25th September 2017
  • 2nd semester (Summer Semester) Lectures will begin on 19th February 2018

    Lectures Timetables (academic year 2017/2018)

  • Winter Semester (1st semester)
  • Spring Semester (2nd semester)

    View of student activities during the academic year (complete list of all lectures at the Department of Economics and Management)

    Rooms number A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, A12, AP1, AP2, AP2 are located in Via Adelardi 33

    Rooms number EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, EC5 (Antonio D'Atri), EC6, EC7, Library, Computer Room, AMC (Aula Magna Costabili) and the great part of professors' rooms are located in Via Voltapaletto 11.


    What to do after the arrival

    After your arrival, you are asked to bring  all the documents, which require Departmental Coordinator Signature (Prof. Di Tommaso), to the Staff of Teaching management Office within specific deadlines:

  • no later then 10th October 2017 (for Winter Semester)
  • no later then 28th February 2018 (for Summer Semester)

    Hereby you find some rules you  SHOULD FOLLOW, that will help us to provide adequate support during your stay.

    Handy Guide for Incoming Erasmus+ Students

    Study Plan


    1) Signatures to the Learning Agreement (L.A.) or Modifications to L.A.

    For the request of signatures on L.A. or changes to L.A., it is important that you come to Teaching Manager Office during the speaking corner time indicated at the web site: and bring there all the documents.

    Remind not to wait until the end of the stay to sign the documents.

    Once Prof. Di Tommaso has signed the documents, you will be contacted to come and pick them up.

    2) Where and how to contact Teaching Manager Office

    You can come on speaking corner time, on the third floor of Via Adelardi 33, as indicated at the following link:

    3) Attend courses at our department

    It is important that you  attend  all the lessons/lectures/seminars of the courses you have chosen. It is also important that you introduce yourself to the teacher as soon as possible, specifying that you are an Erasmus student.

    All the teachers of our Department have a schedule for reception and it is absolutely useful that you interact and talk to them at the beginning of your stay.

    Occasionally attend and /or study by  yourself at home is not recommended, as it would impoverish your Erasmus experience.

    The final exam is the verification of the learning process that lasts throughout the semester.  In this sense, you are all invited to stay in Ferrara for the entire period of your grant.