Career Opportunities


Graduates in Economics will be able to hold positions of responsibility in several production fields (public and private sectors) in both local and international contexts, such as:

  • Accountants, financial analysts, sales managers (dealing with national and international sales; working in import-export companies; frequent travelling);
  • Experts in market relations - trade consultants (working within the company and coordinating all the activities related to the sale and launch of products);
  • Experts in market relations (Organizing and planning the acquisition, delivery and logistics of the goods; managing the stocks in the warehouse);
  • Market analysts (understanding the financial system and providing consultancy to firms);
  • Business economics experts (either self-employed professionals or hired by the company);
  • Human resource management experts (defining the firm’s personnel requirements; dealing with the personnel selection and industrial relations);
  • Financial analysts (analyzing the financial ratios and supporting investment and financing).

Postgraduates in Economics, Markets and Management will be able to hold high responsibility managerial positions, nationally and internationally, in both public and private sectors. Job opportunities include positions within private and public firms, public bodies, international organisations, private and public research centres, consulting firms, non-profit organisations and professional agencies. The degree course is also aimed at training students to become self-employed professionals able to combine the traditional skills involved in the business and management consulting with an understanding of both markets and other related fields of expertise. Furthermore, the Department cooperates with the Ferrara Professional Association of Chartered Accountants and Bookkeepers and, therefore, our graduates, prior to a period of apprenticeship and the passing of the professional practice examination, can also find jobs in this field.

Working while studying

The Department of Economics and Management and the University of Ferrara offer several opportunities for students to work while studying.

Two of the most popular ones are:

  • 150-hour support to one of the offices of the Institution;
  • Teaching/Orientation/Methodological/International Tutoring.