Research Meetings

The c.MET05 Research Meetings are close-door talks among a limited number of researchers who intend to develop a common path of analysis and scientific production related to the typical topics of the c.MET05 network: industry and industrial policy, development, firm and territorial internationalization.
The Meetings take place on a monthly basis on Mondays, with the aim of encouraging researchers with similar scientific interests to discuss ideas, perspectives, methodologies, and research lines of common interest in order to develop joint research paths.
The Meetings also aim to encourage the involvement of researchers with different, specialized and complementary backgrounds. Finally, the presence of a mix of senior and junior scholars coming from different universities and territories is considered one of the strengths of these research-oriented reunions that are by definition inspired by what happens “in the real world”.

Those interested in participating or proposing meetings can send an e-mail

c.MET05 Research Meetings take place in Bologna, at the "Biblioteca de Il Mulino" that collaborates to the initiative.
You can find the list of 2017-2018 meetings here.

Partner Universities