c.MET05 in brief

The Inter-University Centre for Applied Economic Studies on Industrial Policy, Local Development and Internationalizationcalled c.MET05 was established in 2005. The first partners were the University of Ferrara, the University of Florence and the Polytechnic University of Marche. More recently the University of Naples (in 2010), the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (2013) and the University of Udine (in 2013) have joined the Centre.

Main Focus

  • Industry: international, national, and local;
  • Local systems, networks, business groups, districts/clusters, filiere;
  • Firm: organization and strategies;
  • Government Policies for industry and development: theories and practices.
  • Internationalization: trade and production;
  • Innovation: companies, industries, territories, societies.
  • Asia: China and Far East / Industry, Growth and Development;
  • Italy: Industry, Growth and Development

Main Activities

  • Specialized Research and Learning programs;
  • Workshop/Conferences/Seminars;
  • Networking among Scholars;
  • Discussion with academics, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs;
  • Collaborations with local, national and international partners;
  • Participation in the local, national and international debate.

Main characteristics

  • Specialization is required and interdisciplinarity is encouraged;
  • International comparative analyses are particularly welcomed;
  • Policy perspective is strongly recommended;
  • Intergenerational dialogue is openly stimulated;
  • Contacts with Real-Word issues are highly appreciated.
Partner Universities