Working Papers

What are the factors driving the adoption and intensity of sustainable irrigation technologies in Italy - Pronti, Auci and Mazzanti (2020).pdf
Transition from Waste Management to Circular Economy the European Union Roadmap - Chioatto and Sospiro (2020).pdf
The Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development Index A Data Envelopment Analysis approach - Cheng and Cantore (2020).pdf
The importance of regional governments in climate change policies - Gadani et al. (2020).pdf
L’economia circolare come nuovo paradigma per la crescita delle MicroPMI - Capuano (2020).pdf
Carbon taxes and trade spillovers within Europe - Chackraborty and Mazzanti (2020).pdf
A Semiparametric Analysis of Green Inventions and Environmental Policies_Massimiliano Mazzanti & Antonio Musolesi(2020)
Water Demand Elasticity: the case of Emilia Centrale Irrigation Water Districts - Berbel and Pronti (2020)
Guidelines for Working Papers Submission
Heterogeneity, space and non-linearity in income-waste relation. A non-constant elasticity model - Mazzarano et al. (2020)
The European Emission Trading System Insight into the characteristics of auctioning and CO2 price trends, including the new approach to climate change after a pandemic, Marchesi(2020)
Recovery Fund e Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR) Una grande opportunità per MicroPMI e Economia Circolare-Giuseppe Capuano (2021)
Material Governance and Circular policies - M. Mazzarano (2021)
The Biogas dilemma: an analysis on the Social Approval of large new plants - Mazzanti, Modica and Rampa (2021)
Energy and economic balance of a production line of cold pasteurized fruit juices using high hydrostatic pressure. Company analytical survey on a medium-sized production plant - Costa(2021)
Environmental conflict and Contingent Valuation method: setting up a pilot study on biogas plants acceptance in Emilia Romagna