International School In Circular Economy Project Management

"International School in Circular Economy Project Management" is the new course led by the University of Ferrara and partnered with Centoform, Wuppertal Institut, ATHENA RC, and co-financed by the Region Emilia Romagna that looks at training experts in managing projects looking into the application of effective circular economy strategies.

Circular economy and sustainability are two of the topics covered in the new course "International School in Circular Economy Project Management". The course aims to train future professionals in the system design sector that apply circular economy innovations, which today represents a key concept in the development of production methods capable of combining sustainability, innovation and value creation. It is a new production model, which is opposed to the linear model, and is focused on the connection between the various production processes that is opposed to the linear model. This therefore requires new technologies, designs and production processes, as well as radical changes in corporate culture and in relations with stakeholders.


The meetings, which will start on Monday 12 September 2022 and will end on Friday 14 October 2022, have been structured in blended mode, with a first part of lessons to be held at a distance and a subsequent part that will take place in the presence, at the headquarters of the University of Ferrara's Department of Economics and Management, in via Voltapaletto n. 11.

The course is aimed at graduates in various disciplines and employed people interested in acquiring skills related to the management of circular economy projects.

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The registration for the 2022's edition is closed, yet you can email to express interest for the next editions.

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